Table 16

Summary of trials comparing prophylactic radiotherapy to procedure tracts to no radiotherapy

StudyPatientsTreatmentsNodules in treatment groupNodules in control groupSignificanceNotes
Boutin 19951264021 Gy in 3
12.5–15 MeV
0/208/20P<0.001Prechemotherapy era
Bydder 200412743 (58 sites)10 Gy in 19 MeV2/283/30N.S.Chemotherapy patients excluded
O’Rouke 20071286121 Gy in 3
250 kV photons or 9–12 MeV
4/313/30N.S.Chemotherapy patients excluded
Clive 201612920321 Gy in three fractions9/10216/101N.S.Chemotherapy included
  • N.S., not significant