Table 1

Results of linear regression for variables associated with a change in total score to the questionnaire (regression coefficients correspond to the change in score associated to the variable)

 Univariate analysisMultivariate analysis
Regression coefficients95% ICp ValueRegression coefficients95% ICp Value
Age0.19(−0.10 to 0.48)0.195
Gender (male)−0.38(−1.50 to 0.74)0.502
Number of semesters as respiratory resident0.47(0.23 to 0.70)<0.001
Number of semesters as respiratory resident on respiratory wards0.67(0.33 to 0.99)<0.0010.67(0.35 to 0.99)<0.001
Completion of an internship in LFT laboratory3.34(1.89 to 4.80)<0.0011.74(0.31 to 3.17)0.017
Ranking at final national medical school test
 First 500Reference
 Between 500 and 1000−1.58(−3.53 to 0.38)0.116−1.47(−3.31 to 0.36)0.114
 Between 1000 and 2000−2.10(−3.90 to −0.30)0.022−1.70(−3.41 to 0.01)0.051
 Between 2000 and 3000−4.68(−6.65 to −2.70)<0.001−3.77(−5.70 to −1.85)0.001
 Above 3000−4.52(−6.43 to −2.60)<0.001−2.80(−4.76 to −0.85)0.005
Region of training
 Centre0.47(−1.63 to 2.58)0.6610.37(−1.70 to 2.41)0.772
 Northwest−0.79(−1.13 to 2.92)0.357−1.38(−2.99 to 0.21)0.090
 Paris2.99(1.20 to 4.77)0.0010.82(−1.15 to 2.79)0.412
 South2.29(0.35 to 4.21)0.0201.92(0.03 to 3.81)0.049
 West0.90(−1.13 to 2.92)0.385−0.26(−2.15 to 1.64)0.790
Self-assessed knowledge of LFT at the end of medical school
 No knowledgeReference
 Minimal knowledge3.37(0.82 to 5.91)0.0101.87(−0.51 to 4.24)0.122
 Basic knowledge3.62(1.14 to 6.10)0.0041.63(−0.71 to 3.96)0.171
 Good knowledge3.75(1.04 to 6.46)0.0071.97(−0.58 to 4.53)0.131
Interpretation of LFT outside a dedicated internship (yes)1.79(0.64 to 2.94)0.0021.06(−0.00 to 2.11)0.051
Attendance to theoretical training on LFT interpretation organised by the academic district (no)−1.95(−3.17 to −0.74)0.0017−0.73(−1.97 to 0.51)0.247
Attendance to theoretical training on LFT interpretation not organised by the academic district (conference, private training, etc) (yes)1.11(−0.07 to 4.96)0.103
Read at least one textbook on respiratory physiology (yes)−0.14(−1.34 to 1.06)0.819
  • LFT, lung function tests.