Table 1

Efficacy of talc pleurodesis for primary spontaneous pneumothorax at thoracoscopy (no intervention on lung)

Study authorYearStudy designTotal number of casesIntervention
CointerventionIntervention recurrence rate
(95% CI)
Control/reference arm (n)?Control/reference recurrence rate
(95% CI)
Follow-up period
OR (vs control/reference)
(95% CI)
Tschopp182002RCT108Talc poudrage (61)Thoracoscopy only5.1% (1.6% to 16.2%)Drainage only (47)34.0% (18.6% to 62.2%)61MN0.10 (0.03 to 0.38)
Retrospective case series (with comparator group)
Verschoof191988Retrospective case series61*Talc poudrage (38)Thoracoscopy only2.6% (0.4% to 19.2%)Drainage only (23)26.1% (10.3% to 66.2%)48MN0.08 (0.01 to 0.69)
Retrospective case series (no comparator group)
Györik202007Retrospective case series59†Talc poudrage (59)Thoracoscopy‡10.2%† (4.4% to 23.7%)118MD
Adewole212015Retrospective case series21*Talc poudrage (21)Thoracoscopy only9.5% (2.2% to 40.9%)24MN
  • *Primary spontaneous pneumothorax patients only.

  • †Includes three early failures in recurrence rates.

  • ‡Electrocoagulation performed in four cases.

  • MD, median; MN, mean; RCT, randomised controlled trial.