Table 2

Efficacy of talc pleurodesis for primary spontaneous pneumothorax: post surgery (intervention on lung)

Study authorYearStudy designTotal number of casesIntervention (n)CointerventionIntervention recurrence rate
(95% CI)
Control/reference arm (n)?Control/reference recurrence rate
(95% CI)
Follow-up period
OR (vs control/reference)
(95% CI)
Chung222008RCT (3 arms)141Talc and dextrose (42)VATS+bleb resection or electrocoagulation2.4% (0.3% to 17.3%)Drainage only (50)6.0% (1.9% to 19.3%)24MN, 20MN0.38 (0.04 to 3.82)
Dextrose only (49)2.0% (0.3% to 14.8%)18MN0.33 (0.03 to 3.25)
Prospective series
Ramos-Izquierdo232010Prospective series133Talc poudrage (133)VATS±bleb electrocoagulation3.2% (1.2% to 8.7%)36MN
Dubois242010Prospective series72Talc poudrage (72)VATS+apical bullectomy0% (0.0% to 4.2%)12MN
Retrospective case series (with comparator group)
Moreno-Merino262012Retrospective case series787Talc poudrage (388)VATS+bullectomy1.5%* (0.7% to 3.5%)Pleural abrasion† (399)4.0%* (2.4% to 6.6%)Unclear0.38 (0.15 to 0.97)
Janssen291994Retrospective case series44Talc poudrage (21)VATS±bleb resection or electrocoagulation‡0% (0.0% to 14.3%)VATS-bullectomy (23)‡8.7% (2.0% to 37.1%)>180.20 (0.01 to 4.42)
Retrospective case series (no comparator group)
Cardillo252006Retrospective case series861Talc poudrage (861)VATS±bullectomy1.7%§ (1.0% to 3.0%)53MN
Margolis272003Retrospective case series156Talc poudrage (156)VATS+bleb resection0% (0.0% to 1.9%)62MD
Mármol Cazas282011Retrospective case series130Talc poudrage (130)VATS±bullectomy3.1% (1.1% to 8.3%)10MN
  • *Includes early treatment failures requiring reintervention.

  • †Historical comparison.

  • ‡Thoracoscopic talc poudrage was performed in patients with normal pleura or bullae <2 cm diameter, bullectomy was performed in those with bullae >2 cm.

  • §Excluded 56 lost to follow-up.

  • MD, median; MN, mean; RCT, randomised controlled trial; VATS, video-assisted thoracic surgery.