Table 1

Characteristics of the patients at enrolment (full cohort, year 1)

Age (years) at enrolment, mean±SD66.8±8.6
Female sex, n (%)59 (46.5%)
Smoking history pack-years, median (IQR)47.0 (33.7–60.0)
Medication for COPD, n (%)127 (100%)
Influenza vaccination during previous year, n (%)114 (89.8%)
Pneumococcal vaccination during previous year, n (%)12 (9.4%)
COPD status, GOLD stage, n (%)
 Mild0 (0%)
 Moderate57 (44.9%)
 Severe51 (40.2%)
 Very severe19 (15.0%)
BODE index, median (IQR)4 (2–6)
TLCO predicted/actual (mmol/kPa/min), median (IQR)7.9 (7.2–8.8)/4.5 (3.4–5.8)
Number of subjects reporting exacerbations in preceding 12 months, n (%)
 One exacerbation28 (22.0%)
 Two exacerbations37 (29.1%)
 Three exacerbations25 (19.7%)
 Four or more exacerbations37 (29.1%)
Number of exacerbations in preceding 12 months, mean±SD/median (IQR)3.1±2.3/2 (2–4)
Number of exacerbations in preceding 12 months according to severity, mean±SD
FEV1 after bronchodilator use (% predicted), mean±SD46.4±15.2
  • BODE index, body mass index, airflow obstruction, modified Medical Research Council Dyspnoea Scale, exercise capacity index; GOLD, Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease; N, total number of subjects; TLCO, transfer factor of the lung for carbon monoxide.