Table 5

Ambient air particulate matter exposure and effects on lung function

Daily mean PM2.5 concentration (10 µg/m3)Daily mean PM10 concentration (10 µg/m3)
Lung function outcomeB95% CIp ValueB95% CIp Value
FEV1 (mL)−26(−43 to −9)0.01−14(−22 to −6)0.01
FVC (mL)−28(−49 to −8)0.007−16(−28 to −4)0.007
FEV1%pred (%)−0.96(−1.646 to −0.274)0.014−0.535(−0.952 to −0.118)0.014
FVC%pred (%)−0.852(−1.490 to −0.213)0.009−0.495(−0.866 to −0.124)0.009
FEV1/FVC (%)−0.09(−0.170 to −0.010)0.027−0.024(−0.092 to 0.040)0.489
  • B=regression coefficient of daily mean PM2.5/10concentration for lung function adjusted for sex, age, height, weight, smoking pack-years, education state, family history, biofuel (hours×year), occupational exposure, history of childhood pneumonia in the hospital, rural and urban distribution, clusters; PM2.5/10=particulate matter with a median aerodynamic diameter <2.5/10 µm. Data calculation was based on all 5993 participants in the seven clusters.