Table 2

Sleep study data for the study population and subgroup results

EDS groupControl groupp Value
Study group
OSA (AHI≥5/h), %326<0.001
OSA syndrome, %233<0.001
AHI, h−1 2.9 (1.3–7.6)0.5 (0.2–1.5)0.007
Total time in bed, h7.21±1.796.30±1.57<0.001
Apnoeas, events/h3 (1–9)1 (0–3)0.002
Hypopneas, events/h11 (4–25)2 (0–6)<0.001
Oxygen-desaturation index, h−1 3.4 (1.6–7.8)0.6 (0.2–1.9)<0.001
SpO2 <90%, min0 (0–22)0 (0–2)0.003
SpO2 average, %93.77±1.8394.28±1.950.057
Snoring events, h−1 41 (22–96)23 (14–58)0.041
Nightly heart rate, min−1 64.3±9.560.9±7.60.007
Epworth Sleepiness Scale11 (7–14)7 (5–10)<0.001
STOP-Bang score2.24±1.531.24±1.26<0.001
PSQI total score9.58±4.134.69±2.53<0.001
Aortic sinus, cm3.09±0.423.01±0.410.339
Ascending aorta, cm2.91±0.532.90±0.410.581
Blood pressure—subgroup
Systolic blood pressure, mm Hg116.3±13.7112.6±12.90.368
Diastolic blood pressure, mm Hg79.7±10.676.0±11.80.354
Daytime resting heart rate, min−1 77.2±12.770.4±10.00.003
  • Data are reported as mean (SD) or median (25th–75th percentiles) as appropriate; total time in bed was measured from the single night sleep study; all analyses are adjusted for the matching variables.

  • AHI, apnoea–hypopnea index; EDS, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome; OSA, obstructive sleep apnoea; PSQI, Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index; SpO2, saturation of peripheral oxygen in %.