TableĀ 1

Nocturnal and daytime sleep measures derived from actigraphy data

Variable nameAbbreviationDescription
Total night sleeping timeTNSTTotal night sleeping time is calculated as the sum of all minutes scored as sleep during time in bed.
Number of nocturnal sleeping boutsNNSBNumber of nocturnal sleeping bouts during time in bed. A higher NNSB indicates more fragmented sleep.
Duration of nocturnal sleeping boutsDNSBAverage duration of nocturnal sleeping bouts during time in bed. A higher DNSB indicates longer sleeping bouts and, in turn, less nocturnal sleeping disturbances.
Sleep efficiencySeffSleep efficiency defined as the ratio of TNST and time in bed.
Wake after sleep onsetWASOTime spent awake during time in bed after the first nocturnal sleep onset.
Total day sleeping timeTDSTTotal day sleeping time defined as the total time spent asleep during the out of bed period.
Number of daytime sleeping boutsNDSBNumber of daytime sleeping bouts indicates how many naps a patient takes during the day.
Duration of daytime sleeping boutsDDSBAverage duration of daytime sleeping bouts during the day. A higher DDSB indicates longer naps.