Table 1

Summary statistics for patients with EDS and matched controls

p Value
Sex, female %8282
Age, years39.9±12.839.8±12.40.91
Height, cm168.8±8.7171.2±8.70.07
Weight, kg70.0±18.567.7±12.40.31
BMI, kg/m2 24.4±5.623.1±3.10.09
Neck circumference, cm34.3±3.834.0±3.60.62
First degree relatives among the study population, %1515
Employment level, %100 (75–100)100 (90–100)0.38
Alcohol, U/week*0 (0–1)0 (0–1)0.35
  • *Defined as 10 mL (8 g) of pure alcohol.

  • BMI, body mass index; EDS, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome; patients with EDS and controls were one-to-one matched for sex, age, height and weight.