TableĀ 1

Secondary outcome measures

Outcome measures
Physical functionRivermead mobility index 19
Hand function (strength and dexterity)Hydraulic hand dynamometer20
Nine hole peg test21
Exercise capacityIncremental shuttle walk test22
Health-related quality of lifeRemaining SF-36 Health Survey subscales and component summary scores18
Functional limitations profile23
BreathlessnessMedical Research Council dyspnoea scale25
Anxiety and depressionHospital anxiety and depression scale26
Readiness to exerciseReadiness to change questionnaire27
Self-efficacy to exerciseChronic disease self-efficacy scale (exercise component)28
  • Healthcare utilisation questionnaire and semistructured interviews to assess cost effectiveness and patient views about the programme were also collected but not reported in this paper. These may be the focus of separate publications