Table 1

Patient demographics and pulmonary function values associated with samples used in this study

Age, year64.7±3.256.2±2.9
Sex ratio, M/F9/59/6
Pack-years14.5 (0–40)35 (19–53)
TLC, L5.8 (5.6–7.4)8.5 (6.1–9.2)*
FEV1, % pred88 (68–99)29 (25–40)***
FVC, L3.2 (3.0–3.8)2.8 (2.2–4.0)†
FEV1/FVC0.7 (0.5–0.8)0.3 (0.2–0.4)**
KCOc, % pred78 (61–92)50 (37–56)****
  • Data presented as mean±SEM or median (IQR) of n=14 controls and n=15 patients with emphysema. Mann-Whitney test, †p=0.07, *p=0.04, **p=0.0028, ***p=0.0002, ****p<0.0001. TLC data were available for 11 controls and 13 patients with emphysema. Smoking history was available for 12 controls and 10 patients with emphysema. One patient with emphysema declined to make lung function data available.

  • KCOc, transfer coefficient for uptake of CO of the lung per unit volume, corrected; TLC, total lung capacity.