Table 1

Baseline characteristics

Female/male*64 (37) / 108 (63)60 (35)/111 (65)
Age (years)67±866±8
BMI (kg/m2)25.9±4.826.7±5.3
Active smoker*51 (30)39 (23)
Recent severe AECOPD*9 (5)8 (5)
Comorbidity*91 (53)102 (60)
FEV1 (%pred)57±2155±20
6MWD (m)448±106438±107
6MWD (%pred)72±1670±16
QF (kg)31.6±9.531.0±10.9
CAT score13 (8–19)13 (7–20)
GOLD quadrants (A/B/C/D)*66 (38)/17 (10)/37 (22)/52 (30)52 (30)/16 (9)/43 (25)/60 (35)
Step count (steps)5120±29324634±2697
MPA (min)15 (5–34)12 (4–26)
MI (m/s2)1.86±0.361.82±0.30
Walking time (min)72±3669±34
Sedentary*95 (58)104 (64)
  • QF was not measured in 2 centres, QF was missing in 35 control and 32 intervention patients, 6MWD was missing in 2 intervention patients. Steps and MPA are measured by the ACT, MI and walking time are measured by DAM; being sedentary has been defined as a step count measured by ACT <5000 steps/day. A valid baseline PA measurement was present in 165 control and 162 intervention patients for outcomes measured by ACT (steps, MPA) and in 155 control and 156 intervention patients for outcomes measured by DAM (MI, walking time).

  • Data are expressed as mean±SD and median (Q1–Q3). *Data expressed as n (%).

  • 6MWD, 6-min walk distance; ACT, Actigraph; BMI, body mass index; comorbidity, presence of at least one comorbidity; CAT, COPD assessment test; DAM, Dynaport Movemonitor; GOLD, Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease; IG, intervention group; MI, movement intensity during walking; MPA, time in at least moderate intense activity; n, number of patients; PA, physical activity; QF, quadriceps force; recent severe AECOPD, an acute exacerbation of COPD requiring hospitalisation within 1 month prior to inclusion; UCG, usual care group.