Table 2

Microbiological effect at day 28

(95% CI)
p Value
 Number screened2421
 MRSA-positive at screen, n (%)14 (58%)17 (81%)−23% (−45% to 4%)*0.12†
Day 28
 Number completed2219
 MRSA-negative at day 28, n (%)18 (82%)5 (26%)52% (23% to 80%)‡<0.001‡
Change from screening to day 28
 Number MRSA-positive cultures at screening§1215
 Changed to MRSA-negative from
 screening to day 28, n (%)¶
8 (67%)2 (13%)49% (22% to 71%)‡<0.001‡
  • This table summarises analysis of primary end point, that is, proportion of participants in the ITT-E population with an MRSA-negative culture at day 28, adjusted for interim review. Also summarised is the proportion of MRSA-negative cultures at day 28 among participants with an MRSA-positive culture at screening. For participants that have both an OP and expectorated sputum sample available at a given visit, a positive respiratory culture result is based on MRSA being present in either the OP or expectorated sputum sample; a negative result is based on MRSA being absent from both the OP and expectorated sputum samples.

  • *95% CI calculated using the Newcombe-Wilson method without continuity correction.

  • †The p value is obtained from Fisher's exact test.

  • ‡Adjusted for the interim reviews.

  • §Number of participants with both an MRSA-positive respiratory culture result available at screening, and a non-missing MRSA culture result at day 28.

  • ¶Per cent value is based on the number of participants with an MRSA-positive respiratory culture result available at screening.

  • ITT-E, intent-to-treat-efficacy; MRSA, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus; OP, oropharyngeal.