Table 4

Incident rates for clinical outcomes

 Event rate (per 100 child days)p ValueIRR95% CI
GP/ED visits (n=193)0.5820.6500.3161.150.83 to 1.63
Days off school due to asthma (n=462)1.3651.6060.11.160.97 to 1.39
Courses of oral steroids (n=156)0.4110.6760.0081.531.11 to 2.11
Hospital admissions (n=20)0.02540.129<0.0014.381.46 to 12.13
  • n=total number of events in study as reported by parents.

  • Example interpretation: controls are 53% more likely to be prescribed steroids than those in the intervention.

  • ACQ, Asthma Control Questionnaire; ED, emergency department; GP, general practitioner; IRR, incident rate ratio.