Table 1

Pain pressure thresholds in healthy volunteers according to experimental conditions

Pain pressure threshold—N/cm2
DeltoidBiceps brachiiTrapezius
Unloaded breathing
 Baseline n=2527.9 (23–42.6)20.6 (17.8–32.5)24.3 (16.5–31.1)
 ITL6 n=2534.2 (24.1–48.3)21.3 (16.5–34.5)25.1 (20.2–33.2)
 ITL8 n=2537 (26.6–48)26.3 (19.6–32.8)25.4 (20.4–32.4)
Two-by-two comparisons
 Baseline vs ITL6p=0.037p=1p=0.32
 Baseline vs ITL8p=0.003p=0.35p=0.037
 IL6 vs ITL8p=0.2p=0.52p=0.26
  • Values are expressed as medians (IQR).

  • p Values are provided after Bonferonni's correction.

  • ITL, inspiratory threshold loading; ITL6, ITL adjusted to induce dyspnoea scored as 50%–70% of full scale on the visual analogue scale; ITL8, ITL adjusted to induced dyspnoea scored as 70%–90% of full scale on the visual analogue scale.