Table 2

Pain pressure thresholds in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis according to experimental conditions

Pain pressure thresholds—N/cm2
DeltoidBiceps brachiiTrapezius
Unassisted breathing
 Baseline n=1821.40 (18.05–32.43)18.50 (15.68–24.25)15.95 (14.13–20.83)
 NIV30 n=1817.85 (13.75–24.40)14.45 (10.83–18.60)14.10 (11.85–20.63)
 NIV60 n=1816.35 (11.88–21.90)13.30 (10.45–15.23)13.25 (10.35–19.95)
Two-by-two comparisons
 Baseline vs NIV30p=0.011p=0.003p=0.26
 Baseline vs NIV60p<0.001p<0.001p=0.037
 NIV30 vs NIV60p=0.037p=0.037p=0.15
  • Values are expressed as medians (IQR).

  • p Values are given after Bonferroni's correction.

  • NIV, non-invasive ventilation; NIV30, NIV for 30 min; NIV60, NIV for 60 min.