Table 3

Multivariate analyses: baseline statin users versus non-users*

OutcomeMultivariate analyses (statin users vs non-users)
HR95% CIp Value
Disease progression†0.750.52 to 1.070.1135
 All-cause0.540.24 to 1.210.1369
 IPF-related0.360.14 to 0.950.0393
 Absolute decrease ≥10%0.810.47 to 1.400.4533
 Relative decrease ≥10%0.900.59 to 1.380.6262
 Absolute decrease ≥5%0.970.68 to 1.400.8805
 Relative decrease ≥5%0.910.66 to 1.250.5548
Death or absolute FVC decrease ≥10%0.710.48 to 1.070.1032
Death or 6MWD decrease ≥50 m0.690.48 to 0.990.0465
 All-cause0.580.35 to 0.940.0289
 Respiratory-related‡0.440.25 to 0.800.0063
  • *Patients with missing baseline data were excluded from relevant analyses.

  • †Defined as ≥10% decrease in per cent predicted FVC, ≥50 m decline in 6MWD or death.

  • ‡Hospitalisation in which the primary reason for admission was determined to be respiratory-related by a blinded clinical investigator.

  • 6MWD, 6-minute walk distance; IPF, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.