Table 1

Demographics and outcomes of AECOPD and AMU cohorts (first admission during the study period and all episodes)

First admissionCOPD
(n=20 415)
p Value
Age74 (67–82)71 (55–82)<0.001*
Inpatient mortality4.5% (n=42)4.5% (n=911)0.967†
Admission NEWS4 (2–6)1 (0–3)<0.001*
All episodesCOPD
(n=37 109)
Age74 (67–82)73 (57–83)<0.001*
Inpatient mortality5.2% (n=123)5.1% (n=1911)0.47†
Admission NEWS4 (2–6)1 (0–3)<0.001
  • Median values (IQR).

  • *Mann-Whitney U test.

  • †χ2 test.

  • AECOPD, acute exacerbation of COPD; AMU, acute medical unit; NEWS, National Early Warning Score.