Table 5

Screening test performance across the four screening rounds

R1*95% CIR2*95% CIR3*95% CIR495% CI
Lung cancer detection rate, %0.90.7 to to to to 1.1
Positive predicted value, %35.528.4 to to 49.645.537.6 to 53.541.031.6 to 50.5
False-positive (FP) rate after positive screening, %64.557.9 to 71.658.050.4 to 65.654.546.7 to 62.459.049.5 to 68.4
Ratio TP/FP20.690.720.830.69
Overall FP rate†1.22
Number needed to screen to detect 1 lung cancer10813392123
  • *Screening test performances across the first three rounds.12

  • †This is the overall FP rate of the NELSON trial across all four screening rounds.

  • TP, true positive.