Abstract S125 Table 1

Respondents’ assessment of the impact of parental smoking and barriers to aiding with smoking cessation, where 0 = no impact or not a barrier and 10 = very significant impact or barrier

Mean (range)
How much of an impact do you think parental smoking has on children’s current respiratory health?8.54 (5–10)
How significant is the impact of parental smoking on a child’s overall health later in life?8.20 (3–10)
How significant do you think is the impact of a parent stopping smoking on their child’s current respiratory health?8.59 (2–10)
It is not worthwhile to try and change smoking behaviours as the chance of making an impact is so small2.64 (0–9)
You lack knowledge or information to explain to parents how SHS exposure can affect their child’s health3.10 (0–10)
You lack motivational interviewing (or similar) skills to help smokers see how they could change their behaviour5.21 (0–10)
Smokers may become defensive or aggressive if given advice about the consequences of smoking or the benefits of stopping smoking6.28 (0–10)
Smokers are not willing to accept that their behaviour has health consequences6.16 (0–10)
Smokers are not motivated to stop smoking6.28 (0–10)
Many smokers have other, more significant challenges, to deal with such as: mental health problems, social isolation, poverty, under-employment, insecure housing etc.6.47 (0–10)