Abstract S88 Table 1

Costs for selected strategies, discounted cost/case prevented and cost/QALY gained compared to no testing and last (non-dominated) strategy

StrategyTotal cost of strategy per 10,000 people living with HIVCases TB prevented (discounted)QALYs gained compared to no testing (discounted)Cost/case avertedCost/QALY compared to no testingIncremental cost/QALY compared to last strategy
BHIVA 2011£749,2742.281.28£21,371£37,952EXTENDED DOMINANCE
TST in BA£749,6603.92.09£12,566£23,429£23,429
TST in BA and MI £761,7974.492.43£13,614£25,218EXTENDED DOMINANCE
NICE 2011£788,0371.110.63£78,429£139,281DOMINATED
IGRA in BA£812,0486.833.85£16,314£28,971EXTENDED DOMINANCE
IGRA in BA and MI£865,9599.065.1£18,250£32,410EXTENDED DOMINANCE
IGRA in all£1,056,70210.175.72£35,030£62,209EXTENDED DOMINANCE
NICE 2016£1,058,52210.175.72£35,234£62,571DOMINATED
TST&IGRA in all£1,219,15410.995.88£47,166£88,139EXTENDED DOMINANCE
TST&IGRA&CXR&IS in all£1,999,78920.5810.44£63,142£124,393EXTENDED DOMINANCE
  • BA - Black African, BHIVA – British HIV Association, CXR – chest X ray, IGRA – Interferon-gamma release assay, IS – induced sputum, MI – middle [TB] incidence countries, NICE – National Institute of Health and Care Excellence, QALY – Quality adjusted life year, TB – tuberculosis (includes active disease and subclinical tuberculosis cases), TST – tuberculin skin test.