Table 2

Cumulative RR from DLNMs describing associations between asthma hospitalisations and mean daily temperature by age group and season, Hong Kong, 2004–2011

Hot season (n=1232)Cold season (n=1180)
Age groupRef. temp.* (°C)High temp.† (°C)Lag (day)Cum. RR95% CIRef. temp.* (°C)Low temp.† (°C)Lag (day)Cum. RR95% CI
All27300–31.191.06 to 1.3425120–31.331.13 to 1.58
Children (<5)27300–31.080.82 to 1.43251201.100.88 to 1.38
Children (5–14)27300–31.321.01 to 1.7425120–21.771.15 to 2.73
Adults (15–59)26300–121.521.13 to 2.0625120–31.771.30 to 2.41
Older adults (>59)28300–31.171.03 to 1.3321120–101.671.25 to 2.22
  • *Reference value used for comparison with extreme values was (1) the 97th percentile of the season for monotonic association or (2) the value associated with the lowest risk of admissions for U-shaped association or (3) the threshold value.

  • †Extreme values were the 3rd percentile or the 97th percentile during seasons.

  • DLNM, distributed lag nonlinear model; RR, relative risk; Temp., mean temperature.