Table 3

Cumulative RR from DLNM describing associations between asthma hospitalisations and daily mean RH by age group and season, Hong Kong, 2004–2011

Hot season (n=1232)Cold season (n=1180)
Age groupRef. RH* (%)High RH† (%)Lag (day)Cum. RR95% CIRef. RH* (%)Low RH† (%)Lag (day)Cum. RR95% CI
All70940–121.130.83 to 1.5483490–121.190.99 to 1.43
Children (<5)70940–31.460.93 to 2.2883490–50.910.64 to 1.29
Children (5–14)70940–124.311.86 to 9.9683490–100.960.59 to 1.55
Adults (15–59)83940–101.280.78 to 2.1283490–101.561.14 to 2.15
Older adults (above 59)80940–101.080.71 to 1.6683490–251.260.87 to 1.83
  • *Reference value used for comparison with extreme values was (1) the median of the season for monotonic association or (2) the value associated with the lowest risk of admissions for U-shaped association or (3) the threshold value.

  • †Extreme values were the 3rd percentile or the 97th percentile during seasons.

  • DLNM, distributed lag nonlinear model; RH, relative humidity; RR, relative risk.