TableĀ 2

Clinical prediction model performance for diagnosis of HP

Model 1 (clinical and individual radiological features)
Age, down, birds, diffuse craniocaudal GGO, mosaic perfusion77.80.60
Age, down, any GGO, diffuse craniocaudal GGO, mosaic perfusion, air trapping78.00.47
Age, down, birds, diffuse GGO in axial distribution, diffuse craniocaudal GGO, mosaic perfusion77.90.78
Model 2 (clinical features and radiologist's diagnostic impression)
Age, down, birds, moderate/high confidence HP75.80.72
Age, down, birds, sex, moderate/high confidence HP75.60.27
Age, down, sex, moderate/high confidence HP75.20.57
  • CV-C, cross-validated C-statistic; GGO, ground-glass opacity; GOF, Hosmer-Lemeshow goodness of fit p value; HP, chronic hypersensitivity pneumonitis.