Table 1

Regimen category codes

RIF containing?# of effective drugs (ED) up to 4m?At 6m RIF protected (Pr6) by another effective drug?Overall (RIF) duration (D)Code
No<3N/A<6mED<3 D<6m
No<3N/A≥6mED<3 D≥6m
No≥3N/A≥6mED≥3 D≥6m
Yes<3No<6mRIF ED<3 D<6m
Yes<3No 6mRIF ED<3 D=6m
Yes<3No>6mRIF ED<3 D>6m
Yes<3Yes 6mRIF ED<3 Pr6 D=6m
Yes<3Yes>6mRIF ED<3 Pr6 D>6m
Yes≥3No<6mRIF ED≥3 D<6m
Yes≥3Yes 6mRIF ED≥3 Pr6 D=6m
Yes≥3Yes>6mRIF ED≥3 Pr6 D>6m
  • Encoded regimen categories (figure 1) present in the main network.

  • 4m, 4 months; 6m, 6 months; D</=/>6m, overall RIF duration or duration of the entire regimen if RIF not present; N/A, not applicable; Pr6, protected at 6 months; RIF, rifampicin.