Table 2

Air pollution exposure assignments based on residence at diagnosis, by stage at diagnosis

Air pollution exposures (mean±SD or %)Localised only (n=59 609)Regional (n=73 513)Distant site(s) (n=186 496)Unknown (n=32 435)Total (n=352 053)
NO2 (ppb)20.6±9.321.4±9.722.0±10.424.5±11.321.9±10.2
 % available*87.686.887.383.086.8
O3 (ppb)40.3±9.740.3±10.840.0±12.841.2±12.840.2±11.9
 % available*93.693.293.389.993.0
PM10 (μg/m3)30.5±10.731.4±11.631.9±12.435.0±13.531.8±12.1
 % available*91.791.391.488.691.2
PM2.5 (μg/m3)†13.0±4.513.4±4.913.9±5.614.6±5.713.7±5.3
 % available*86.584.382.676.883.3
  • *Percentage of patients with exposure assignment available (requires a monitor for that pollutant ≤25 km from residential address and non-missing geocode).

  • †PM2.5 data are reported only for the subset of patients whose cancer was diagnosed in 1998 or later.

  • PM2.5, particulate matter with diameter <2.5 μm; PM10, particulate matter with diameter <10 μm.