Table 1

Demographic, tumour and treatment characteristics of patients with lung cancer in California by stage of diagnosis, 1988–2009

Characteristics (mean±SD or %)Localised only (n=59 609)Regional (n=73 513)Distant site(s) (n=186 496)Unknown* (n=32 435)Total (n=352 053)
Age (years)69.9±10.568.8±10.568.7±11.372.5±10.769.3±11.0
% Male49.854.756.154.854.6
Race/ethnicity, %
 Non-Hispanic white81.078.775.079.277.2
 Non-Hispanic black6.
Marital status, %
 Formerly married32.531.532.137.632.6
Education index†, %
Rural–urban commuting area (RUCA), %
 Non-metropolitan core13.814.113.818.714.3
 Metropolitan core86.285.986.281.385.7
Socioeconomic status (SES), %
Year of diagnosis, %
Histology at diagnosis, %
 Squamous cell26.
 Small cell5.713.218.113.814.6
 Large cell12.114.320.835.719.3
Treatment types
 Surgery, %
 Radiation, %
 Chemotherapy, %
Geocode match quality, %
 Street address match91.591.591.589.191.3
 Area-level match8.58.58.510.88.7
 Other or missing<0.1<0.1<0.1<0.1<0.1
Median survival time (years)
Median survival time (years), by histology at diagnosis
 Squamous cell2.
 Small cell1.
 Large cell1.
  • *Insufficient evidence available to assign a stage (eg, patient dies before workup is complete, patient refuses diagnostic procedure or limited workup is performed due to patient's age or simultaneous contraindicating condition).

  • †Categorised by quartiles.

  • ‡Most recent year of diagnosis category includes 7 years, while the other categories each include 5 years.