Table 4

Assessment of symptoms and side effects when waking after the sham stimulation and active treatment nights, as measured by a visual analogue scale (0–10 points)—higher scores indicate an improvement

ParametersSham stimulationActive treatmentp Value
Feeling refreshed5.7 (2.7–7.2)6.6 (2.2–8.5)0.40
Sleep quality5.6 (2.9–7.1)6.4 (2.4–8.0)0.28
Mouth dryness4.4 (2.2–8.5)7.4 (4.9–9.7)0.007
Tongue unpleasant sensation9.9 (9.4–10.0)9.9 (9.4–10.0)0.63
Morning headache9.4 (6.3–10.0)9.9 (8.1–10.0)0.27
Skin discomfort9.9 (9.5–10.0)9.9 (9.7–10.0)0.95
Sleepiness*3.0 (2.0–3.5)3.0 (2.0–3.0)0.29
  • *Sleepiness was assessed in the mornings using the Stanford Sleepiness Scale to pick up ad-hoc changes. All variables are presented as median and IQR.