Table 4

Multivariate analysis of mPAP in patients with COPD with and without severe PH

Population studiedModelIndependent variablesPartial R2Increase in mPAP per unit increase in independent variable (mm Hg)p Value
COPD subjects with severe PHR2=0.65; p<0.007PaO20.03−0.180.250
(n=20)Mean square error=19.6%CSA<50.3621.10.001
COPD subjects without severe PHR2=0.69; p<0.0002PaO20.13−0.170.020
(n=20)Mean square error =12.34%CSA<50.09−13.50.040
  • Severe PH in COPD is defined as mPAP ≥35 mm Hg, without <35 mm Hg.

  • %CSA<5, percentage of total lung area taken up by the cross-sectional area of pulmonary vessels less than 5 mm2; mPAP, mean pulmonary arterial pressure; PH, pulmonary hypertension; WT, mean wall thickness (mm).