Table 8

Comparison of physical outcomes in ICU survivors at 3 months in patients with/without previous HCMV exposure

Previous HCMV exposure
No previous HCMV exposure
p Value
Rivermead Mobility Index (median (Q1, Q3))13 (11, 14)14 (12, 15)0.09
Hand grip strength (kg) (mean (SD))21 (9)23 (9)0.29
Timed up and go (s) (median (Q1, Q3))11 (8, 14)10 (7, 12)0.03
Physical component score of SF12v2 (mean (SD))35 (11)35 (12)0.85
  • Rivermead Mobility Index data available for 106 exposed and 60 unexposed patients. Hand grip strength data available for 93 exposed and 52 unexposed patients. Timed up and go data available for 88 exposed and 51 unexposed patients. Physical component score of SF12v2 available for 95 exposed and 57 unexposed patients.

  • HCMV, human cytomegalovirus; ICU, intensive care unit.