Table 2

Characteristics of the children hospitalised for severe bronchiolitis according to the profiles (A to D) identified by LCA, for additional sociodemographic and clinical characteristics not introduced in the LCA model, MARC-30 USA, n=2207

AllProfilesp Value
A (12%)B (36%)C (34%)D (17%)
Age (months)
Hispanic ethnicity36323834400.07
Parental history of asthma31373231270.08
ED presentation
 Inadequate oral intake5038466045<0.001
ICU and intubation/CPAP
 No ICU8286946488<0.001
 ICU without intubation/CPAP11115188
 ICU with intubation/CPAP731174
Viral aetiology
 RSV only490655246<0.001
 Rhinovirus only8380310
 RSV and rhinovirus13810209
 RSV and other non-rhinovirus10015106
 Rhinovirus and other non-RSV527025
 Non-RSV and non-rhinovirus152891324
Number of pathogens
 No pathogen identified6104610<0.001
  • Results presented as %.

  • Profile A: history of wheezing/eczema, wheezing at ED presentation, more often rhinovirus. Profile B: wheezing at ED presentation, more often RSV only. Profile C: most severe. Profile D: non-wheezing at ED presentation, least severe.

  • CPAP, continuous positive airway pressure; ED, emergency department; ICU, intensive care unit; LCA, latent class analysis; RSV, respiratory syncytial virus.