Table 4

Characteristics of the children hospitalised for severe bronchiolitis according to the profiles (A, BC and D) identified by LCA, for additional socio-demographic and clinical characteristics not introduced in the LCA model, MARC-30 Finland, n=408

AllProfilesp Value
A (47%)BC (38%)D (15%)
Age (months)
Parental history of asthma242528150.10
ED presentation
Viral aetiology
 RSV only351895<0.001
 Rhinovirus only2339030
 RSV and rhinovirus2307
 RSV and other non-rhinovirus51113
 Rhinovirus and other non-RSV71208
 Non-RSV and non-rhinovirus2844047
Number of pathogens
 No pathogen identified1422024<0.001
  • Results presented as %.

  • Profile A: history of wheezing/eczema, wheezing at ED presentation, more often rhinovirus. Profile BC: wheezing at ED presentation, more often RSV only, most severe. Profile D: non-wheezing at ED presentation, least severe.

  • ED, emergency department; LCA, latent class analysis; RSV, respiratory syncytial virus.