Table 3

Description of the children hospitalised for severe bronchiolitis according to the profiles (A, BC and D) identified by LCA, for the clinical characteristics introduced in the LCA model, MARC-30 Finland, n=408

A (47%)BC (38%)D (15%)
History of wheezing37561533
History of eczema29401922
Wheeze at ED presentation69936222
Cough at ED presentation65787020
Inadequate oral intake at ED presentation21103912
Retractions at ED presentation
 Moderate to severe43653110
Hospital length of stay ≥3 days32254622
Viral aetiology
  • Results are expressed as % (observed proportion in the study population [“All”], and probability of individuals presenting the characteristics within profiles A, BC and D).

  • Profile A: history of wheezing/eczema, wheezing at ED presentation, more often rhinovirus. Profile BC: wheezing at ED presentation, more often RSV only, most severe. Profile D: nonwheezing at ED presentation, least severe.

  • ED, emergency department; LCA, Latent Class Analysis; RSV, respiratory syncytial virus.