Table 1

Baseline characteristics of all randomised patients

All patients, n=322AutoCPAP group, n=161FP-CPAP group, n=161p Value
BMI30.0 (26.9/34.5)29.4 (26.6/34.3)30.8 (27.1/34.6)0.25
Age, years58 (51/65)58 (49/64)58 (52/66)0.30
Men, %70.270.8069.600.81
Current smoker or ex-smoker, %60.2059.0061.500.65
Apnoea–hypopnoea index, event/h38.8 (28.4/56.0)37.7 (28.4/54.5)39.0 (28.4/56.9)0.43
Mean nocturnal SaO2, %92.8±2.992.9±3.092.7±2.80.62
Epworth Sleepiness Scale9 (6/14)9 (6/13)10 (6/14)0.10
Hypertensive, %65.5060.9070.200.08
Diabetic, %19.2018.2020.300.64
  • Continuous data are presented as median (25th/75th percentiles) when a Mann–Whitney U test was performed or as mean±SD when a t test was performed.

  • Qualitative data are presented as percentage and analysed with a χ2 test.

  • AutoCPAP, auto-adjusted CPAP; BMI, body mass index (calculated as weight in kilograms divided by height in metres squared); FP-CPAP, fixed-pressure CPAP.