TableĀ 1

Characteristics of studies included in the literature review

Author 1st, yearHRQOL toolsCountryNAge (year)Female (%)FEV1% (pred)Most common bronchiectasis aetiology(%)Relevant study objectives
Wilson, 1997a, O'Leary, 2002SGRQ, SF-36UK111526066.4Idiopathic58Validate SGRQ in bronchiectasis
Relationship between HRQOL, anxiety and depression
Wilson, 1997b, Wilson, 1998SGRQ, SF-36UK87545663.8Idiopathic63Relationship between HRQOL, sputum bacteriology and systemic inflammatory markers
Chan, 2002SGRQ, SF-36HK93596673.5Idiopathic81Validate Hong Kong Chinese version of SGRQ
Martinez-Garcia, 2005a, 2005bSGRQES102703760.4Idiopathic44Validate SGRQ in bronchiectasis
Relationship between HRQOL and clinical outcomes
Eshed, 2007SGRQIL46635472.3NRRelationship between SGRQ and CT scores
Tomkinson, 2009SGRQUK659*8350.5*NRRelationship between HRQOL and exercise capacity
Guilemany, 2009SGRQ, SF-36, SNOT-20ES80577180.8NRRelationship between HRQOL and chronic rhinosinusitis
Lee, 2009SGRQ, SF-36AU27545973.9Postinfective47Relationship between HRQOL and exercise capacity
Shoemark, 2011SGRQUK53577182.1*NRRelationship between HRQOL and exhaled nitric oxide
Gale, 2010SGRQUK2065*8067.8NRRelationship between HRQOL, fatigue, balance and self-reported physical activity
Batchelor, 2011SGRQUK315981NRPostinfective48Relationship between HRQOL, exacerbation frequency, depression, fatigue and lung function
Chalmers, 2014SGRQUK, BE, IT608656069.3Idiopathic and Postinfective63Relationship between HRQOL and Bronchiectasis Severity Index
Galindo, 2013SGRQMX19NR74NRCVID100Relationship between HRQOL and sex
Oliveira, 2014a, 2014bQOL-B (V3.0), SGRQES207576368.3Postinfective39Validate QOL-B (V3.0) in Spanish
Relationship between HRQOL, anxiety and depression
Loebinger, 2009SGRQUK91525865.8Idiopathic56Relationship between HRQOL and mortality risk
Lee, 2012CAT, SGRQKR62615367.3NRValidate the Korean CAT in bronchiectasis
Moreno, 2013SGRQES70646974.0Idiopathic46Relationship between HRQOL, anxiety and depression
Rowan, 2014SGRQUK60627076.5Idiopathic43Relationship between HRQOL and lung clearance index
Gao, 2014SGRQCN144466267.4Idiopathic and Postinfective71Relationship between HRQOL and quality of sleep
Morsi, 2014SGRQEG33435532.9NRRelationship between HRQOL, anxiety and depression and other clinical measures
Murray, 2009bSGRQUK32696366.5ABPA34Investigate the HRQOL as an end-point for assessing treatment
Guilemany, 2006SF-36ES60526581.0NRRelationship between HRQOL, nasal symptoms and polyposis
Jacques, 2012SF-36BR70556944.9Idiopathic46Relationship between HRQOL and exercise capacity
Polley, 2008LCQ, CQLQ, EuroQOLUK26585073.2NRRelationship among different HRQOL questionnaires
Ozalp, 2012LCQTR20445062.5NRRelationship between HRQOL and dyspnoea, exercise capacity, fatigue
Murray, 2009a, 2009cLCQ, SGRQUK141686474.0Postinfective53Relationship between HRQOL and sputum colour
Validate the LCQ in bronchiectasis
Munoz, 2013LCQ, SGRQES25958NRNRNRValidate LCQ Spanish version in bronchiectasis
Altenburg, 2014LCQ, SGRQ, SF-36NL60675882.3Idiopathic50Relationship between HRQOL and lower respiratory tract infections visual analogue score
Goeminne, 2014LCQBE63595769.0Idiopathic27Relationship between HRQOL, lung function and inflammatory markers
Torrego, 2006LCQUK22598282.9NRRelationship between HRQOL and cough reflex
Mandal, 2013LCQUK163666075.0Idiopathic58Relationship between HRQOL and airway reflux
Quittner, 2010bQOL-BUSA35655757.1NRDevelop and validate the QOL-B
Quittner, 2010aQOL-B, SGRQUSA79636860.2NRValidate the QOL-B
McCullough, 2011QOL-BUK71656960.0NRRelationship between HRQOL, clinical and demographic factors
Quittner, 2014QOL-B, SGRQUSA89647060.4NRDevelop and validate the QOL-B (V2.0 and V3.0)
Quittner, 2015QOL-B, SGRQ, EuroQOLUSA, CA, UK, AU, FR, NL, IT, ES, BE542646963.0NRValidate the QOL-B (V3.0)
Lee, 2010CRDQ, LCQAU2764NR70.0NRRelationship between CRDQ, LCQ and exercise capacity
Courtney, 2008CRDQUK1854*6758.1Postinfective83Investigate the impact of physiology and inflammation in changes of HRQOL
  • Data presented as means unless otherwise stated. Studies presented in the same row were combined for meta-analysis.

  • For references see also online supplementary material.

  • *Median.

  • ABPA, allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis; AU, Australia; BE, Belgium; BR, Brazil; CA, Canada; CAT, COPD assessment tool; CN, China; CQLQ, Cough Quality of Life Questionnaire; CRDQ, Chronic Respiratory Questionnaire; CVID, Common Variable Immunodeficiency; EG, Egypt; ES, Spain; EuroQOL, Euro Quality of Life; FR, France; HK, Hong Kong; HRQOL, health-related quality of life; IL, Israel; IT, Italy; KR, Korea; LCQ, Leicester Cough Questionnaire; MX, Mexico; NL, Netherlands; NR, not reported; QOL-B, Quality of Life-Bronchiectasis; SF-36, Short Form 36; SGRQ, St George's Respiratory Questionnaire; SNOT-20, Sinonasal Outcome Test-20; TR, Turkey.