Table 2

Predictors of occupational injuries: results of logistic and multinomial logistic regressions

Model/variableOR95% CIp Value
Primary analysis: any injuries
 Unadjusted OSA1.93(1.06 to 3.50)0.03
 Adjusted OSA1.76(0.86 to 3.59)0.12
 Gender0.605(0.32 to 1.15)0.13
 BMI1.03(0.99 to 1.06)0.42
 Alcohol use0.80(0.50 to 1.30)0.37
 Industry (blue-collar)5.50(3.39 to 8.75)<0.01
 Age0.93(0.97 to 1.02)0.56
Secondary analysis: vigilance related injuries
 Unadjusted OSA2.88(1.02 to 8.08)0.05
 Adjusted OSA2.42(0.85 to 6.93)0.10
 Gender0.80(0.37 to 1.73)0.57
 BMI1.04(1.01 to 1.08)0.02
  • BMI, body mass index; OSA, obstructive sleep apnoea.