Table 3

Correlation coefficients of change in EQ-5D-5L utility index and EQ-VAS with pulmonary rehabilitation against external anchors

Variablerp Value
Utility index
 ΔSGRQ symptoms−0.050.538
 ΔSGRQ activities−0.120.185
 ΔSGRQ impact−0.130.155
 ΔSGRQ total−0.140.127
 ΔCRQ dyspnoea0.25<0.001
 ΔCRQ fatigue0.29<0.001
 ΔCRQ emotion0.39<0.001
 ΔCRQ mastery0.31<0.001
 ΔCRQ total0.40<0.001
 ΔSGRQ symptoms−0.150.084
 ΔSGRQ activities−0.110.205
 ΔSGRQ impact−-0.270.002
 ΔSGRQ total−0.210.020
 ΔCRQ dyspnoea0.31<0.001
 ΔCRQ fatigue0.32<0.001
 ΔCRQ emotion0.30<0.001
 ΔCRQ mastery0.30<0.001
 ΔCRQ total0.38<0.001
  • CAT, COPD assessment test; CRQ, chronic respiratory questionnaire; SGRQ, St George's respiratory questionnaire; Δ, change.