TableĀ 4

Receiver operating characteristic curves to identify estimates of EQ-5D-5L that best identified achievement of the minimum important difference of the anchor, giving equal weighting to sensitivity and specificity

AnchorCut-pointSensitivity (%)Specificity (%)AUCp Value
Utility index
CRQ emotion0.04666.366.50.72<0.001
CRQ mastery0.03863.563.70.66<0.001
CRQ total0.03765.666.40.69<0.001
CRQ dyspnoea6.570.062.00.69<0.001
CRQ fatigue6.556.166.10.65<0.001
CRQ emotion6.561.568.00.68<0.001
CRQ mastery6.558.567.90.66<0.001
CRQ total6.559.169.80.67<0.001
  • AUC, area under curve or C-statistic; CRQ, chronic respiratory questionnaire.