Table 1

Baseline patient characteristics in patients with oxygen-dependent interstitial lung disease (ILD) versus lung cancer

Lung cancer
n=10 822
Age, years (at death)78.2±872.9±10
Female, n (%)112 (39)5233 (48)
FEV1, L1.58±0.6
FEV1% pred*60 (50–80)
BMI, kg/m225.1±4.8
PaO2 breathing air, kPa6.6±1.1
PaCO2 breathing air, kPa5.0±0.9
  • Data presented as mean±SD unless otherwise specified.

  • *Median (first quartile—third quartile).

  • BMI, body mass index; FEV1% pred, FEV1 of predicted value, percentage; PaO2 (air), arterial blood gas tension of oxygen on air; PaCO2 (air), arterial blood gas tension of carbon dioxide on air.