Table 3

Prevalence of symptoms at end-of-life (EOL) in patients with oxygen-dependent interstitial lung disease (ILD) versus lung cancer

Experienced symptomTotal nILD
n (%)
Total nLung cancer n (%)p Value
2 test)
Breathlessness226170 (75)98554586 (42)<0.001
Death rattle236102 (43)10 1286318 (63)<0.001
Pain228117 (51)10 0387812 (73)<0.001
Anxiety208138 (66)93465882 (63)0.314
Nausea21931 (14)93431497 (16)0.456
Confusion21041 (20)92912948 (32)<0.001
  • Patients with oxygen-dependent ILD (n=285) or lung cancer (n=10 822). The prevalence (%) of symptoms during the last week of life: patients whose medical team answered ‘yes’ to the presence of a particular symptom as a percentage of the ‘total n’ who answered ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the question. ‘Don't know’ was the other possible answer, and these were excluded, accounting for the different n for each symptom.