Table 3

Meta-regression analyses for weight

Coef.SEtp>|t|(95% CI)
Age0.01480.01101.350.191−0.0079 to 0.037
Gender (males)−0.00310.0025−1.200.241−0.0084 to 0.0022
Baseline BMI0.03150.02041.550.136−0.0106 to 0.0737
Baseline weight0.00690.00441.570.129−0.0021 to 0.0161
OSA severity0.00010.00350.020.987−0.0073 to 0.0074
CPAP compliance−0.0680.0487−1.400.174−0.1693 to 0.0325
Use of sham CPAP0.04260.07160.600.558−0.1055 to 0.1907
Study duration−0.00050.0019−0.300.767−0.0045 to 0.0034
Crossover design0.15650.15661.000.328−0.1674 to 0.4806
Study origin (Western/Eastern)−0.10210.1281−0.800.433−0.3672 to 0.1629
Dietary counselling0.08730.08141.070.295−0.0811 to 0.2559
Physical activity counselling0.15050.10231.470.155−0.0610 to 0.3622
  • The coefficient of the meta-regression represents the value of increase (positive value) or decrease (negative value) of the weight per increase of one unit of the predictor variable.

  • BMI, body mass index; OSA, obstructive sleep apnoea.