Table 4

Adverse events in children treated for MDR-TB

Adverse eventGrade 0Grade 1Grade 2Grade 3Grade 4*Total
Joint, muscle or bone pain12211211137
Skin rashes10430201137
Itchy skin11024201137
Sleep/mood problem1249301137
Visual problem1325000137
Hearing loss‡11725142
Thyroxine supplementation provided§11032142
  • *One child developed DRESS syndrome after a month on therapy with severe symptoms and signs. All drugs were stopped and it was unclear which drug was responsible. All grade 4 reactions are from this one child. She had culture-confirmed MDR-TB with small lesion in the left upper lobe. At follow-up she remained healthy and culture negative for 3 years.

  • †One mother felt unable to tell if her child had experienced headache.

  • ‡Hearing loss was not graded but categorised as present or not using ASHA criteria.

  • §The decision to start thyroxine supplementation was based on elevated thyroid stimulating hormone and low free T4 levels.

  • ASHA, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association; DRESS, drug reaction with eosinophilia and systemic symptoms; MDR, multidrug resistant; TB, tuberculosis.