Table 4

Comparison of sweat chloride and NPD outcomes

Normal (n=97)Borderline (n=38)Abnormal (n=67)
Normal (n=121)73 (60%)24 (20%)24 (20%)
Sweat chlorideBorderline (n=46)17 (37%)10 (22%)19 (41%)
Abnormal (n=35)7 (20%)*4 (11%)24 (69%)†
  • *The seven subjects include one RESP, one PANC and five AZOOSP.

  • †14/24 (58%) were not identified with two CF-causing mutations: 12 carried one CF-causing mutation (DF508/−(x5); DF508/5 T (x3); DF508/D1152H; R75X/V456A; 1717-1G>A/Q1291H; 1717-1G>A/5 T) and two had no CF-causing mutation (D579G/D579G; −/−).

  • AZOOSP, obstructive azoospermia; CF, cystic fibrosis; NPD, nasal potential difference; PANC, chronic/recurrent pancreatitis; RESP, chronic sino-pulmonary disease.