Table 3

Smoking abstinence by treatment group at 1 year

Model-based estimate of association
Abstinence outcomeUsual care abstinence rateProactive outreach abstinence rateOR (95% CI)p Value
6 month prolonged
 Analysis of observed data*12.1% (113/937)16.5% (135/820)1.47 (1.12 to 1.93)0.006
 Selection model analysis†7.8–9.0%11.2–14.2%1.50 to 1.68<0.001–0.002
30-day point prevalence
 Analysis of observed data*12.1 (114/940)15.0 (124/826)1.31 (0.99 to 1.73)0.055
 Selection model analysis†7.7–7.8%10.1–10.1%1.33 to 1.340.030–0.033
7-day point prevalence
 Analysis of observed data*16.3% (154/942)17.4% (143/823)1.11 (0.86 to 1.42)0.439
 Selection model analysis†11.1–11.6%11.2–11.5%0.99 to 1.050.719–0.932
  • *Data are percentages (n/N) with model estimated OR (95% CI) for the intervention and corresponding p value from logistic regression of abstinence on intervention adjusted for age, sex and insurance type stratification measures.

  • †Results presented are the range of least square mean type estimated percentages with range of estimate ORs for intervention and corresponding p values from the regression models for the abstinence outcome with lower AIC statistics.