Table 3

Performance characteristics of the best individual and ensemble classifier panels to predict imminent cystic fibrosis pulmonary exacerbations (ie, <4 months post-stable visit)

Classifier panelDiscovery cohort (n=70)Replication cohort (n=34)
AUCSensitivity (%)Specificity (%)AUCSensitivity (%)Specificity (%)
Best clinical panel*0.559080.6310010
Best candidate protein panel†0.6190350.558524
MRM-MS panel‡0.7490450.739248
  • *FEV1 % predicted alone.

  • †CRP alone.

  • ‡CRP, peroxiredoxin-2, haemoglobin subunit alpha, carbonic anhydrase 1, CD5, apolipoprotein C-II.

  • AUC, area under the curve; CRP, C-reactive protein; MRM-MS, multiple reaction monitoring mass spectrometry.