Table 2

Lung function measurements at age 7*†, Center for the Health Assessment of Mothers and Children of Salinas (CHAMACOS) birth cohort, Salinas Valley, CA, 1999–2000 (n=279)

FEV1 (L/s)1.70±0.46279
FVC (L)1.97±0.51250
FEF25–75 (L/s)2.29±0.82250
Height (cm)123.56±5.66279
Weight (kg)29.42±7.53279
Age (years)7.09±0.19279
  • *Average values.

  • †Identical dry-seal spirometers were used in the study. Routine calibration was conducted every morning. Three identical EASYONE spirometers were used by two technicians; 92% of tests were performed by the same technician. Each child performed a maximum of eight expiratory manoeuvres and up to three best acceptable tests were kept by the spirometric software.