Table 3

Characteristics of participants with pulmonary cyst stratified with smoking status

Non-smoker (N=80)Former and current smoker (N=120)p value*
Age, years61.9±12.6 (range 40.1–89.8)63.7±61.9 (range 41–88.9)0.3
Female sex, n (%)37 (46)59 (49)0.7
Body mass index†26.8±4.227.3±5.00.5
Emphysema, n (%)1 (1)24 (20)0.002
Cyst size (diameter), mm11.2±6.1 (range 4.0–34.3)10.3±4.5 (range 4.0–30.3)0.2
Interval change in diameter, n (%)
 Increased15 (38)24 (35)0.7
 Unchanged23 (58)45 (65)0.4
 Decreased2 (5)
0 (0)
Coronary artery calcium score‡158.1±331.1 (N=77)174.7±355.1 (N=111)0.98
  • Plus–minus values are mean±SD.

  • *p values for body mass index, emphysema, cyst size, interval change and coronary artery calcium score were adjusted for age and sex. In addition, the result for coronary artery calcium score was adjusted for the presence of emphysema.

  • †The body mass index is the weight in kilograms divided by square of the height in metres.

  • ‡Coronary artery calcium scores were calculated by the Agatston method.27