Table 4

Scoring of online cases: Interobserver agreement for the 3-point HRCT pattern scores for honeycombing, traction bronchiectasis and emphysema expressed as Cohen's weighted κ coefficient stratified according to observer experience and specialty

Interobserver agreement
Mean±SDMedian (IQR)
Honeycombing score (Definite, possible, absent
 Thoracic radiology fellows (n=5)0.60±0.140.65 (0.23)
 Thoracic radiologists (experience <10 years, n=42)0.61±0.110.63 (0.14)
 Thoracic radiologists (experience 10–20 years, n=27)0.60±0.120.63 (0.16)
 Thoracic radiologists (experience >20 years, n=22)0.59±0.100.60 (0.13)
 General radiologists (n=16)0.57±0.110.58 (0.14)
Traction bronchiectasis score (Definite, possible, absent)
 Thoracic radiology fellows (n=5)0.28±0.130.32 (0.25)
 Thoracic radiologists (experience <10 years, n=42)0.40±0.150.42 (0.22)
 Thoracic radiologists (experience 10–20 years, n=27)0.45±0.150.48 (0.23)
 Thoracic radiologists (experience >20 years, n=22)0.45±0.130.46 (0.18)
 General radiologists (n=16)0.41±0.140.44 (0.17)
Emphysema score (Definite, possible, absent)
 Thoracic radiology fellows (n=5)0.41±0.080.40 (0.13)
 Thoracic radiologists (experience <10 years, n=42)0.54±0.150.55 (0.22)
 Thoracic radiologists (experience 10–20 years, n=27)0.53±0.130.54 (0.19)
 Thoracic radiologists (experience >20 years, n=22)0.42±0.170.43 (0.28)
 General radiologists (n=16)0.43±0.150.40 (0.22)