Table 1

Demographical and lung function data at baseline and after methacholine challenge

Age (years)29±428±9
Sex (male/female)5/29/0
Atopy (yes/no)1/69/0
Upright Rrs baseline (% predicted) (screening)122±19202±93
Supine Rrs baseline (% predicted)108±25211±104*
Increase in Rrs post-challenge (% baseline)89±2458±43
Increase in Rrs post-challenge (absolute)2.7±0.92.7±1.6
Upright FEV1 baseline (% predicted)97±1279±14*
Supine FEV1 baseline (% predicted)93±1175±14‡
Decrease in supine FEV1 post-challenge (% baseline)32±1427±13
Decrease in supine FEV1 post-challenge (mL)1240±458850±488
Supine IC post-laboratory challenge (L)3.38±0.143.20±0.16
Supine IC post-HRCT challenge (L)3.35±0.253.30±0.16
Methacholine dose administered (μmol)25.8±21.30.6±0.9^
  • All values are mean±SD. All values are taken from the scanning visit, except for upright Rrs, which was collected at the screening visit.

  • *p=0.020; ^p=0.003; ‡p=0.025.

  • HRCT, high-resolution CT; IC, inspiratory capacity; Rrs, respiratory system resistance.