Table 5

Interobserver agreement for the diagnosis categories and CT pattern scores assessed on volumetric thin-section CT, expressed as Cohen's weighted κ coefficient stratified according to observer experience

Interobserver agreement
 Mean±SDMedian (IQR)
UIP diagnosis categories (UIP, possible UIP, inconsistent with UIP)
 Under 10 years experience0.50±0.170.54 (0.17)
 Over 20 years experience0.39±0.150.40 (0.12)
Honeycombing score (Definite, possible, absent)
 Under 10 years experience0.51±0.180.53 (0.11)
 Over 20 years experience0.47±0.130.48 (0.09)
Traction bronchiectasis score (Definite, possible, absent)
 Under 10 years experience0.62±0.140.65 (0.09)
 Over 20 years experience0.47±0.160.45 (0.14)
Emphysema score (Definite, possible, absent)
 Under 10 years experience0.58±0.110.57 (0.11)
 Over 20 years experience0.36±0.200.34 (0.18)
  • UIP, usual interstitial pneumonia.